SEE Network Limited was established in 2004 under the Sustainable Development Fund. Over the years, SEE Network has expanded its scope of services to public engagement, research and consultant, community planning, writing and design.


Seminar on 探討被遺棄的本地鄉郊未來講座暨研討會

Graham Street Market Festival 2008

Photography Exhibition of Lamma Story

Cultural Tour to Heyri and Paju @ Korea

Seminar on 政府百年偵探實錄-打開文物古蹟歷史之門

Graham Street Market Festival 2007

Guided Tour:中環「卅間」重建前《最後山城夜話》

Public engagement activities on「深水埗市區更新何去何從」3

Public engagement activities on「深水埗市區更新何去何從」2

Public engagement activities on「深水埗市區更新何去何從」1

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