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(中文) 匍匐維城的伏線 (第四部份)

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(中文) 伸延短片:爭取保留甘棠第

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(中文) 看見城市人錢多但無知的深切反省 ──《窮 ‧ 想像》

Things aren't as they are often thought to be - after interviewing with Syliva, you will know how different culture and values create prejudice towards the minority. More about Syliva's book

Portable Muxi-box

MuxiBox- a horn attached with a MP3 player- is a portable music box created by Stephen. It's environmental friendly as it is competiable with old cell phone charger and your SD card/USB with limited memory space could find a new partner! Want one? Go to SEE Store.

Story behind Helen King

2009_helen-kinge79a84e88ab1e5b883e8a28be8838ce5be8c During the preparation of ‘Make Your Own Dress Workshop’, we accidentally met Helen and learnt her touching story.

Helen had to work as an apprentice (tailor) to support her family since her childhood. In the 1980s, due to the decline of Hong Kong's textile industry, she started working as a private tutor but could still earned a living. However, she got serious sickness in later years and lost her job. Yet, Helen was not defeated by the illness. She treasured her gift in sewing and started to work as a tailor again. With her hard work, she is now able to support her family again and even groups housewives in her neigbourhood to work together.

Voices of Market

The Central & Western Concern Group made an application to the Town Planning Board requesting that any re-development in Graham Street and SOHO is in keeping with the history and vibrancy presently found in the Graham Street Market and SOHO. This unprecedented application has asked the Town Planning Board, for the first time in its history, to decide on specifically protecting the characteristics of one distinct area in Hong Kong's Central District as a "Special Design Area". (from : http://centralandwestern.org/Y.H3.3/) The hearing was scheduled on 27 March 2009(Fri) and many of the stakeholders in Graham Street Market failed to attend. We, therefore, recorded their concerns and opinion in this video and planned to bring it to Town Planning Board. Yet, the chairman of the hearing was the Executive Director from Urban Renewal Authority and the vice-chairman of Town Planning Board was absent, so The Central & Western Concern Group requested to postpone the hearing. It is hoped that the hearing will be rescheduled to May. - CHINESE ONLY

(中文) 伸延短片:西營盤城市組織的轉化

Resolute community members and professionals caught up with an once-in-a-lifetime reform of the town planning system and accidentally dug up the past lives of a  site in the City of Victoria. From a campaign under the walled trees to a phenomenal success in Hong Kong's conservation history, this film tells the story of the common people's fight to save a heritage site in the heart of Hollywood Road.

Credits: Matter of time – by shannonsongs @ ccMixter.com Shining Eyes (nofi mix ) by jaspertine @ ccMixter.com Acoustic Guitar Changes 5 by Klaus_Neumaier @ ccMixter.com Innocence by Gurdonark @ ccMixter.com

A Curious Case in City of Victoria – Extended Videos

2009_e8a5bfe7879fe79ba4 Urban Transformation of SAI YING PUN Professor WOO Pui-leng, Professor TUET Tsang-chi and Professor CHUNG Wang Leung from The Chinese University presented their research on the Urban Transformation of Sai Ying Pun (1850 - 2007). *In Chinese*
2009_e79498e6a3a0e7acac Conservation Campaign of Kom Tong Hall In 2002, the power of the people saved Kom Tong Hall which was about to be demolished. Now, Kom Tong Hall is reborn as the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum. Let Ms CHENG Lai King, the Central and Western District Councilor, recalls how the Kom Tong Hall was saved. *In Chinese*
2009_e79a87e4bb81e8888ae7949f Memories of the alumni of Central School – Mr. W.I.Cheung Mr. W.I.Cheung, the  alumni of Central School recalls his memories of the old days. *In Chinese with English Subtitles*
2009_gillian History of Hong Kong Education – The Central School Ms Gillian Bickley spent over 8 years in studying the history of Hong Kong education, including the history of The Central School. *In English*

Save the Star Ferry Pier Campaign

Documentary of Star Ferry Pier
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