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‘QCDC’ lesson 5: QC District Visit

The fifth episode acts as a practical version of the graphing tool for ‘QCDC’ and serves as an auxiliary reading for episode 4. In this episode, we invited some active neighbors of the Central and Western District and reviewed together the work done by their local District Council over the past year. Through their imagination, we were also able to investigate on what else can be done among the community.


(中文) 「QC區議會」第四課:QC有法

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‘QCDC’ lesson 3: How should District Councils spend their money?

Last time we talked about how after the disbandment of both the Urban Council and Regional Council of Hong Kong in 1999, the SAR Government has increased funding for District Councils in order to enhance their functions and community involvement; with the total amount of annual funding for each DC (i.e. funding for district building projects and community involvement programs) adds up to more than thirty-million Hong Kong dollars.

The third episode of ‘QCDC’ shares with you the path that traces how each DC used their funding, which helps people who are interested in monitoring the work of DCs to reach the information quicker. Moreover, it can also be viewed as some elementary works before assessing whether the DCs are using their funding efficiently.


‘QCDC’ lesson 2: Reviewing the disbandment in 1999

Through conducting random street interviews, we suspect that a lot of Hong Kong citizens do not actually recognize the functions and activities of the District Councils. This is why before going into the big question of how to enhance the benefits bought to the community as a whole through the work of DCs under existing norms, maybe we should first introduce the role of DCs under the current political system of Hong Kong, as well as its development background.


Lesson 1: QC District Council



Market Post – Interview with Connoisseur Groceries


Market Post – Interview with Hong Kong farmers


Coming Soon: Market Post – Community Publication & Education Scheme

Market Post

Community Publication & Education Scheme

Wet market is an indispensable community infrastructure, which support the caterers and families daily needs of fresh ingredients in Hong Kong. However, the authorities recent management and planning policies are discouraging wet market’s development, and affecting people’s livelihood in a long term. In the past few years, SEE Network researched in Graham Street Market in Central, and many wet markets in Sham Shui Po comprehensively, we affirmed the values of wet market, and concluded some planning inspirations of market-community co-existence. Recently, the Food and Health Bureau announced that, no more wet market will be built in the coming several years, meanwhile, retailers of Lai Shing Garden’s market were forced to close. We therefore initiated this project, to analyze the importance of wet market and its planning principals with systematic and sensible content, as well as lively ways of expression. The 1st issue of Market Post will be released on 2nd August! There are over 180 distribution points in Hong Kong, for the address of distribution points, please visit: LINK 7廿卜

Tai Ping Shan Post Founded

The First Issue of Tai Ping Shan Post will be release on 25 May! Feature: Excercise for Everyone.The first issue will be release on 25 May afternoon, hard copies will be distributed freely in central and western district. Electronic version will be uploaded to SEE Network's website next week. For details and updates, please visit Tai Ping Shan Post's facebook page Volunteers Wanted! We are recruiting volunteers to help with the distribution on 25 May (Sat) afternoon 2 - 5pm. Volunteers will also be invited to attend the launch party of Tai Ping Shan Post afterwards. If you are interested, please feel free to email us via contact@project-see.net. Thank you so much!

Trailer: Bicycle Stories

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